COMMITED TO THE FANS City of Indio's Fantasia Comic Con meets the needs of the fan first

GREATEST MEDIUMS UNDER ONE ROOF City of Indio's Fantasia Comic Con brings together POP CULTUE, ENTERTAINMENT, and FANDOM

EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME City of Indio's Fantasia Comic Con is a place where pop culture, celebrities, independent artists, cosplay, video games, and most importantly of all, comics come together.


We are offering you the opportunity to be a sponsor for the first annual City of Indio's Fantasia Comic Con, being held at The Riverside County Fairgrounds.This event will be taking place on May 19, 20, and 21st, 2017. We are hoping to make this an event to remember and your contribution can help make that happen.

We are offering three levels of sponsorship:

Level l
A donation of $900 will get your company name on a small banner at the venue on our website, in our event program, all ads, and 12 passes to the event.

Level ll
A donation of $600 will get your company name in our event program, ll ads, and 8 passes to the event.

Level lll
A donation of $300 will get your company name on all the ads, and 6 passes to the event.


Our Booth Prices are as follows:

10 x 10 Standard Booth $200
10 x 10 Corner Premium Booth $350
Island Premium requires the purchase of 4 standard booths $800
Small Press/Artist Alley Table $100

Prices are subject to change with or without prior notice

Placement of your booth &/or table is at City of Indio's Fantasias sole and absolute discretion. Completing and submitting an application is not a guarantee of space or placement.

If you are interested in attending our show and would like an exhibitor application, please contact us at (760) 656-0741 or email us at fantasiacomiccon@gmail.com.

We look forward to hearing from you.


City of Indio's Fantasia Comic Con Exhibior Application


Swap Meets, Flea Markets, or Special Events Certification

People who sell merchandise in California are generally required to hold a sellers permit. You may not sell at this event unless you have a sellers permit or are not required to hold a permit.



We thank you for your participation in The City of Indios, Fantasia Comic Con. For all vendors attending the show, set up time will start Thursday May 18, 2017 at 12:00 PM until 5:00 pm. All vendors will be setting up in the Fullenwider Auditorium. You are to park in the gated vendor parking lot located on the west side of the Fullenwider Auditorium on Arabia Street. You will see the Fantasia Con banner on the side of Fullenwider Auditorium. There will be a Fantasia Con staff member at the entrance of the vendor parking lot that will give you directions as where to park and unload your items. You will get your booth assignment at vendor relations, which will be temporarily located on the floor of the Fullenwider Auditorium. Each of you will have an envelope that will contain your badges and booth #. If you are not arriving on the 18th and are arriving on the 19th you may unload your items starting at 8 am until 9:30 am and may get your booth assignment and envelope from exhibitor relations, which will be located in Fullenwider Auditorium entrance, which is located on the South side of the building. All items must be unpacked and loaded by the vendor and or their designated staff. Once the show has started loading and unloading items will be prohibited for safety concerns. Loading and unloading can only be accomplished on the designated days and times and all vendors must pack and remove their items when Fantasia closes on Sunday May 21, 2017 starting at 5 pm and must be done by 7:30 pm. We hope that you are prosperous during our show and if there are any questions or concerns please email us at fantasiacomiccon@gmail.com or call us at 760-656-0741.