Riverside County Fairgrounds - Saturday & Sunday May 12 & 13, 2018


All panels will be conducted in Fullenwider Auditorium  

Saturday Panel Discussions

Saturday 10:00 am Fullenwider Auditorium
Breaking into indie comics the Alterna way.

With the bring back newsprint movement a success, Alterna has left its mark in the indie comic marketplace as a force to be reckoned with. Join creators Terry Mayo (The Wicked Righteous), Eric Borden (Scrimshaw), David Lucarelli (Tinseltown) and Michael Lent (I, Holmes) as they discuss the craft of creating comics as well as breaking in stories and advice.

Saturday 11:00 am Fullenwider Auditorium
Minority Report

A long practiced tradition of comic books, films and entertainment institutions have designed the best and most compelling roles to be filled by mainly white men and women as the protagonist. Minority characters often times were limited to playing stereotypical, supportive or comedic roles to their superior, established archetype. For some time this was the foundation and standard of American made comics, television and film. With equal rights, feminism and the modern American renaissance, the roles of minority characters in comic books, television and film are changing and there have been new opportunities for characters of color. However, many of the old guard that still actively practice a tradition of exclusion and continue to assign the best roles to Caucasians and the stereotypical supportive roles to minorities are still abundant. We will explore how far we, as a country, have really come, when it comes to these roles. We will discuss where we are going and what it will take to get there. Join Orlando Harding (Night Stalker, RRH), Koi Turnbull (Fathom), Scott Lobdell (Teen Titans, X- Men) Janeshia Adams Ginyard (Black Panther), Peter Tuiasosopo  (New Girl) and Indio Mayor Pro Tem Troy Strange for this in depth discussion on the ever changing roles of people of color in comics, television and film.

Saturday 12:00pm Fullenwider Auditorium
Story Writing 101.

This will be an in depth discovery of the writing process and what techniques and thoughts go into the creative process. We will have seasoned pros speaking about how they create and write with emphasis on what they are trying to accomplish when in the process to amaze fans with unique and compelling stories. We will discuss specifics to how they approach their craft when writing stories for comics and film. Join Scott Lobdell (UNCANNY X MEN, AGE OF APOCALYPSE), Ryan Kinkaid (ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT), Steve Stern(ZEN INTERGALLACTIC NINJA, 1First Comics), Matt Hawkins (Think Tank, Necromancer)  and Terry Mayo (The Wicked Righteous). Moderated by John Yuan (Observe and Report, SERVING SUPES)

Saturday 1:00 pm Fullenwider Auditorium
Hip Hop and Comics. 

Hip-hop and comics are two American art forms that bring together disparate elements to create vast worlds of creativity. They share much common ground-rappers and graffiti artists utilize super heroic imagery and adopt larger-than-life alter egos; MCs and producers assemble universes with words and sound; comic creators draw on hip-hop’s rich visual vocabulary and incorporate music, dance, and fashion into the fabric of their stories. Here, Janeshia Adams Ginyard(Black Panther) moderates a cast of panelists who have great insight on Hip Hops direct impact and partnership with comics, film and pop culture. Join Ciera Foster (Ninjak vs. the Valiant universe), Indio city Mayor Pro Tem Troy Strange,and Producer and Storyboard Artist Larry Houston (THE REPUBLIC, Community) as they discuss the ties between these two creative cultures and thrill you with their current projects, their views on where the industry is now heading, and their vision of the new modern age of Hip Hop and Comics. 

Saturday 2:00 pm Fullenwider Auditorium
Kevin Eastman Panel.

Find out the latest and greatest on TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLEScreator Kevin Eastman.

3:00 pFullenwider Auditorium
Spotlight on 1First Comics

Discover your new favorite comic book series in a panel designed for everyone, from new fans to long-time readers to anyone who loves comics.  1First Comic’s Publisher and creators explore the diverse imprints of 1First Comicswith exclusive previews, news, and the information you need to discover your next obsession. Join Ken F. Levin, 1First Comics’ Publisher and an Executive Producer of PREACHER (Season 3 on AMC starting June 24th) and an Executive Producer of THE BOYS (beginning on AMAZON Q1 2019), Orlando Harding (Night Stalker, RRH), The Yuan Twins (Observe and Report, Serving Supes, Inspecter Oh, LOVE TOWNand Steve Stern (Zen Intergalactic Ninja, Frickin’ Butt-Kickin’ Zombie Ants) and learn about all the ground breaking projects that 1First Comics has lined up. YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!

4:00 pm Fullenwider Auditorium
Cosplay Competition.

Judging and winners will be announced for the second annual Cosplay contest,hosted by Nerd Mafia.

5:00 pm Fullenwider Auditorium
Cos Play 101.

Whether you’re new to Doctor Who or new to cosplay entirely, this is a great place to start! Nerd Mafia will share tips for beginners and budget-conscious costumers on how to dress like your favorite comic book or videogamecharacters. Panelists: Nerd Mafia, Victoria Ikerd, Sylvia Slays and Justin Eaton (Bat Cave Productions) along with Allen Forte & Katrina Keeler will explain the dos and don’ts of Cosplay and what they do to try to stand out from all the rest to look their very best!

Sunday Panel Discussions

Sunday 10:00am Fullenwider Auditorium
Hollywood Career Day.

How do you open the door that leads to a professional creative career? What about changing careers when you’ve already climbed the corporate ladder? And for students, how do you know where to focus your study? From world builder to professional author, gamer to game developer, and storyteller to screenwriter-all have common threads that weave a career path. Ken F. Levin, (Executive Producer on PREACHER (Season 3 on AMC begins June 24th) and THE BOYS,(in production at AMAZON). Peter Tuiasosopo (actor, New Girl), Janeshia Adams Ginyard (Black Panther) and Ciera Foster (Bat in the Sun’s Ninjak vs.the Valiant Universe) divulge their secret tips and tricks for creative entrepreneurs and share how they became successful, professional creators!

Sunday 11:00 am Fullenwider Auditorium
Fem Fatale!

Strong female protagonists provide inspiration in resilience and persistence to readers of all genders. Authors Orlando Harding (RRH, Night Stalker) Victoria Ikerd-Schreiter (Woder Woman Cosplayer), Scott Lobdell (Teen Titans, X- Men) and Cecilia Cruz discuss the ordinary and extraordinary accomplishments of fictional women within the modern day and where theyll be going next. Moderator, Alfred Velasquez (Wonderland Comics) will explore this genre with a comparison of yesterday’s heroines compared to todays. We will also try to answer that ever-evolving question as to why our comic and action heroines are rarely, if ever, married. Is the fight for truth, justice and feminine equality only for the single ladies?

Sunday 12:00 pm Fullenwider Auditorium
Writers Block

Steve Stern, (Zen Intergalactic Ninja), Michael Lent (Holmes & TMS) ,Eric Borden (Scrimshaw, Fever), Larry Houston (G.I. Joe TV Series Storyboard Director 55 episodes, Producer 30 episodes), and Jay Fotos (Locke & Key, Wynonna Earp) head a writing panel for the City of Indio’s Fantasia Comic Con. We’ll discusses creating characters, plots, themes, and much, much more. This is an invaluable seminar for those who want to become writers or who simply want a reminder on what to think about before you do. Moderated by Kevin Pillow. Come early to guarantee getting a seat.

Sunday 1:00 pm Fullenwider Auditorium
Kevin Eastman Panel.

Find out the latest and greatest from TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLEScreator Kevin Eastman.


Sunday 2:00 pm Fullenwider Auditorium
Dangerous Dames.

The doting girlfriend. The damsel in distress. The evil seductress. The tough girl who dies. Why are so many female characters such cookie-cutter archetypes? Why do so many fictional women lack the depth and variety of character of their male counterparts? How can fans and writers work together to create richer stories with more well-rounded characters, female, minority female and otherwise? Here to discuss the many archetypes of women in fiction are a group of men and women who are dangerous in their own right: moderator Orlando Harding (Night Stalker, RRH), Cecilia Cruz, Scott Lobdell (Teen Titans, X- Men) and Ciera Foster (Super Hero Beatdown Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe), to discuss these issues and shed light on the emerging roles and the future of women in comics and movies.

Sunday 3:00 pm Fullenwider Auditorium
Penciling 101 with Ryan Kincaid.

Are you an artist or interested in drawing fantastic covers and illustrations that can lead to a long career? If the answer is yes, you dont want to miss this panel! Join cover artist Ryan Kinkaid as he shows how the pros design, create and render sketches into final pieces and the work and detail required to get paid for the privilege. There are many talented artists in the world and Ryan will explain what you need to do in order to stand out from the rest and earn a living doingso.


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