Riverside County Fairgrounds - Saturday & Sunday May 12 & 13, 2018


Saturday Panel Discussions

All panels will be conducted in Fullenwider Auditorium


10:00 AM 
Fullenwider Auditorium

With the bring back news print movement a success, Alterna has left it’s mark in the indie comic marketplace as a force to be reckoned with. Join Creators Terry Mayo (The Wicked Righteous), Eric Borden (Scrimshaw), David Lucarelli (Tinseltown) and Michael Lent (I, Holmes) as they discus the craft of creating comics as well as breaking in stories and advice.


Janeshia Adams-Ginyard

11:00 AM
Minority Report
A long practiced tradition of comic books, films and entertainment institutions have designed the best and most compelling roles to be filled by mainly white men and women as the protagonist. Minority characters, often times were limited to playing stereotypical, supportive or comedic roles to their superior, established archetype. For some time this was the foundation and standard of American made comics, television and film. With equal rights, feminism and the modern American renaissance, the roles of minority characters in comic books, television and film are changing and there have been new opportunities for characters of color. However, many of the old guard that still actively practice a tradition of exclusion and continue to assign the best roles to Caucasians and the stereotypical supportive roles to minorities are still abundant. We will explore how far we, as a country, have really come, when it comes to these roles. We will discuss where we are going and what it will take to get there. Join Orlando Harding (Night Stalker, RRH) Hannibal Tabu (The Bur Pyle), Koi Turnbull (Fathom), Scott Lobdell ( Teen Titans, X- Men) and Janeshia Adams Ginyard (Black Panther)  for this in depth discussion on the ever changing roles of people of color in comics, television and film.

Stephen L. Stern

12:00 PM
Story writing 101.
This will be an in depth discovery of the writing process and what techniques and thoughts go into the creative process. We will have seasoned pros speaking about how they create and write with emphasis on what they are trying to accomplish when in the process to amaze fans with unique and compelling stories. We will discuss specifics to how they approach their craft when writing stories for comics and film. Join Scott Lobdell (UNCANNY X MEN, AGE OF APOCALYPSE, Ryan Kinkaid (ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT) Steve Stern (Devils Due 1First comics) and Orlando Harding (Night Stalker, RRH) & Terry Mayo (The Wicked Righteous)


1:00 PM 
Hip Hop and Comics.

Hip-hop and comics are two American art forms that bring together disparate elements to create vast worlds of creativity. They share much common ground-rappers and graffiti artists utilize super heroic imagery and adopt larger-than-life alter egos; MCs and producers assemble universes with words and sound; comic creators draw on hip-hop’s rich visual vocabulary and incorporate music, dance, and fashion into the fabric of their stories. Here, Orlando Harding (Night Stalker, RRH) brings together an all-star group of graphic artists and musical innovators to discuss the ties between these two creative cultures. Hannibal Tabu (The Buy Pile, Drum Voices) and Larry Houston ( Producer X-Men, Captain Planet) will thrill you with their current projects, their views on where the industry is now heading and their vision of the new modern age of Hip Hop and Comics.

Kevin Eastman

2:00 PM
Kevin Eastman Panel

Find out the latest and greatest on TMNT turtle creator, Kevin Eastman.

Kevin Eastman’s Fantasia Comic Con Schedule Saturday and Sunday:

Saturday May 12th

9:30 am     Press Roundtable All press can interview Kevin a this time
10-12         Signing in Fullenwider auditorium
2pm           Panel discussion
3pm           Selfie Photo Op with Kevin
4-6pm        Signing

Sunday May13th

9-11 am     Signing
1pm           Panel discussion
2pm           Selfie Photo Op with Kevin
3-5             Signing


The Yuan TwinsStephen L. Stern

3:00 PM 
Spot light on Devils Due #1First Comics

Discover your new favorite comic book series in a panel designed for everyone, from new fans to long-time readers to anyone who loves comics. Devils Due #1First Comic’s

Publishers, editors and creators explore the diverse imprints of Devils Due 1First Comic’s, with exclusive previews, news, and the information you need to discover your next obsession. Join #1 First Comics Publisher, Ken F. Levin, Executive Producer PREACHER (AMC), THE BOYS (AMAZON) Orlando Harding (Night Stalker, RRH) Thee Yuan Twins (Observer and report, Serving Supes and Inspecter Oh)  &Steve Stern (Zen the Intergalactic Ninja) and learn about all the ground breaking projects that Devil’s Due #1 First Comics has lined up. YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!

4:00 PM
Cosplay Competition

5:00 PM 
Cos Play 101


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