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Kevin Eastman

Kevin Eastman

Born in Portland, Maine in 1962 Kevin Eastman began drawing at a very young age copying children’s books and reading comics. Inspired by master storyteller Jack Kirby, and later by self publishing creators Richard Corben, Vaughn Bode, and Dave Sim, all of his early work focused more on Science Fiction influences than traditional Superhero style comics.

Tony Fleecs

Tony Fleecs

Fan favorite artist Tony Fleecs is currently hard at work writing and drawing MY LITTLE PONY comics for IDW Publishing. He’s a prolific cover artist on everything from Ponies to Turtles, Grumpy Cats to samurai, the world’s cutest dog, warrior princesses, vampires, Batmen, Wasps, Santa Clauses and almost everything in between. He lives and works in North Hollywood, CA. His mother says he is handsome.”

Jay Fotos

Jay Fotos

Jay Fotos, a multi award-winning comics veteran who is currently working professionally in comics industry for nearly two decades on hundreds of projects. To name a few, from Spawn, Sam and Twitch, Godzilla, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mars Attacks, 30 Days of Night to the #1 New York Times Best Seller series Locke & Key(soon to be a Hulu TV series).

Ambrose Quintanilla

Ambrose Quintanilla

Ambrose Quintanilla is a Southern California based writer/cartoonist and creator of comic strips and comic books published by Gopher-it Comics. His work can be found at Facebook.com/Gopherit and GopheritComics.com. His newest comic book, “The Complete Me & The Kid” is out now and available for purchase at his table along with some of his previous comic books.

Eddie deAngelini

Eddie deAngelini

Eddie deAngelini is a Los Angeles based cartoonist and a long time comic book fan and collector. His love of comics began at a young age and continues to this day and his webcomic Collectors is loosely based on his own life, marriage and comic collecting obsession. The comic can be found at CollectorsComic.com as well as in three collected print volumes.

Zoom CW Cosplay

Zoom CW Cosplay

Zoom CW Cosplay is a professional cosplayer and actor that sped onto the cosplay scene in 2016. His accuracy and dedication to portraying the Zoom and Black Flash characters on the convention circuit have even caught the eye of the CW Flash cast and crew. Zoom CW Cosplay can also currently be seen on the successful Nerdbot Youtube Series “Reverse Flash Origins” Episode 2 and 3. Despite his character’s frightening appearance he loves meeting and taking pictures with his fans.

Jamie Sullivan

Jamie Sullivan

Jamie is an artist that’s been working the the comic book and movie poster field for quite some time. He’s done commission work for high profile signings like Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Stan Lee and William Shatner (just to name a few.)

Wonder Woman is Real

Wonder Woman Cosplayer and Disability & civil rights attorney for those who need a voice.


Peter ``Navy`` Tuiasosopo

Peter “Navy” Tuiasosopo is an American-Samoan actor perhaps best known for his roles as E. Honda in Universal Pictures Street Fighter and Manumana in the Paramount Pictures film Necessary Roughness.

O.C. Turtles

The most famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cosplay squad in the world! The OC TURTLES always bring the party to any convention they are in attendance of!

Ryan Kincaid

Penciler at Dynamite Entertainment, works as a comic book artist at Zenescope Entertainment, and is a cover artist at No Gravity Studios

John Giang

John is an acclaimed Concept Artist, Art Director, and Illustrator. John has done work for Marvel Studios, Paramount, Disney, Lucasfilm, Legendary, Lego, ImagineFX, and Hasbro. Some of John’s film credits include: Age of Ultron, The Avengers, Pacific Rim, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers Dark of the Moon, Iron Man 1 and 2, Rango, and Star Trek just to name a few.

Jed Thomas

Jed Thomas is a professional artist and designer from Southern California who has worked on multiple licensed properties, high profile projects, providing works such as conceptual designs and merchandise art in the ever growing pop culture industry.

Larry Houston

Larry F. Houston is the Emmy-nominated Producer/Director of THE X-MEN Animated show, the phenomenally successful 90s series that expanded the scope and laid the foundation for Marvel’s multi-billion dollar mutant franchise globally.

The very FIRST animated appearance of THE BLACK PANTHER was in the 90s X-MEN series as a cameo, followed by his FIRST fully animated episode, “Prey of the Black Panther”, in second season of THE FANTASTIC FOUR, both of which Larry was its Director.

Southland Ghostbusters

Southern California Ghostbuster cosplayers who participate in activities such as comic cons, charities, movie screenings and many other events.

Nerd Mafia

Nerd Mafia is a cosplay community, created by nerds for nerds.

Aaron Nabus

Aaron Nabus is a Co-Founder of the comic book and pop culture blog, HallH.com and the Co-host of the Hall H Show, a podcast dedicated to being a voice for independent creators. He is also a Brand Ambassador for the International Mobile Film Festival.

David Lucarelli

David Lucarelli is the writer of the period crime drama Tinseltown from Alterna Comics and The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade graphic novels from Creator’s Edge Press/Abacab Studios. As an ADR Recordist he has worked on hundreds of TV shows and movies from Star Wars: The Force Awakens to The Simpsons.

Michael Lent

Michael Lent is a transmedia writer/producer. His credits include more than a dozen graphic novels and comics including i, Holmes and TMS: The Machine Stops published by Alterna, Prey published by Marvel Comics, Brimstone published by Zenescope Entertainment, graphic bios for Orbit including Stephen King, JRR Tolkien, Keith Richards, and Stephen Hawking, eight books including On Thin Ice, published by Disney/Hyperion and based on the top-rated reality series Ice Road Truckers.

Eric Borden

Eric Borden lives under the bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife, Amy, their son and one aloof Chihuahua. His writing has been recognized by Amazon Studios and the Hollywood Reporter. He became hooked on the game after he published his first comic, DeadWest: Last Ride of The Carver.

Ken F. Levin

Ken F. Levin makes the deals for a select handful of comics superstars (like Mike Mignola, Bill Willingham, Max Allan Collins, and Garth Ennis) and helps produce their projects (he’s Executive Producer on the coming series THE BOYS at AMAZON, and put together and is an Executive Producer on the hit AMC series PREACHER, currently filming its third season in New Orleans. (The first two seasons of PREACHER are currently available on HULU).

Cecelia Cruz

Cecelia Cruz, aka Cece, is a born and raised self taught artist from the Coachella valley. She has, however, taken several different art classes over the years to help enhance her skills. She is a hardworking mother of four who, with the support of her husband, quit her full time County job of 17 years last year to pursue her passion of art.

Terry Mayo

Terry Mayo is a Comic Book & Screenwriter based out of San Diego, CA. He is the creator of the Alterna Comics Series – THE WICKED RIGHTEOUS, THE HELPLESS (IF Anthology) and the upcoming series from TPub Comics, DISPOSABLE LEGENDS.

Koi Turnbull

Koi Turnbull is an American comic book artist, known for his work under the direction of Michael Turner, that followed Mike’s run on Fathom with his own run starting with Fathom Volume 2.

Stephen L. Stern

Stephen L. Stern

Stephen L. Stern is the creator/writer of the independent comic-book Zen Intergalactic Ninja, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2017. He has written over 100 comic-books and graphic novels, including Beowulf, A Christmas Carol and War of the Worlds, as well as the official comic-book adaptation of the animated classic, Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol.

The Yuan Twins

The Yuan Twins

The Yuan Twins, best known for their roles in “Observe and Report”, “Arrested Development”, and “Raising Hope”, are also lifelong comic book and movie fans. So in addition to acting, they also write screenplays and write, illustrate, and publish their own comic book series “Declan and Chang.”

Janeshia Adams-Ginyard

Janeshia Adams-Ginyard

Janeshia Adams-Ginyard is an established and extremely talented stuntwoman and actress, making a name for herself through her unparalleled dedication and skills. Janeshia executes two separate roles in the highly anticipated feature film Marvel’s Black Panther, as the stunt double for lead actress, Danai Gurira’s character Okoye, and as one of the eight Dora Milaje, the women of Wakanda, who serve as Black Panther’s personal bodyguards. She reprises her role as stunt double for Danai in the 2019 feature film Avengers: Infinity War.

1.21 Gigawatt Guys

This replica of the famous “Delorean Time Machine” made famous from the movie “Back to the Future” from Part #1. It is owned and driven by Lenny Hochteil under the name 1.21 GIGAWATT GUYS

Orlando Harding

Orlando Harding is a comic book creator most known for his ground breaking work on the critically acclaimed comic book Night Stalker (2013 & 2015), which won the coveted GLYPH award for best female character in 2014. In 2015 he released the game- changing book known as, R.R.H. He has been featured in The San Francisco Examiner and continues to be applauded by reviewers for his groundbreaking and thought provoking work.

David Davis

David Davis (hpkomics.com) is a writer and cartoonist who is currently engaged in graduate studies at CSUSM, working toward mastering literature in all forms and taking over the world.

Ciera Foster

Ciera Foster is trained model, actress, athlete and activists. Ciera graduated from theatrical institution, Sanford Meisner Center highly regarded. She holds a BA Multidisciplinary Social Sciences degree in Psychology, Ethnic Studies, and Woman & Gender Studies. Working in the film and entertainment as a signed talent.


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