Riverside County Fairgrounds - Saturday & Sunday May 12 & 13, 2018


Get into Fantasia Comic Con for FREE

Riverside County School Contest

How would you and one parent like to get into The Fantasia Comic Con for free? That’s right, you and one parent will be allowed to attend our show for free by wining this contest. It’s simple.

  1. Draw a fictional action character.
  2. Dress up and send in a picture of a fictional character.
  3. Write a short and detailed, one page essay on why you should be chosen as an ambassador to represent your school.

Download Contest Rules

(Updated February 21, 2018)

If you win any of these three contests, you and one parent will be able to attend both days of the show at no cost to you or your parent. It’s that simple. We will choose winners from each middle school and each high school in Riverside County that enters the contest. The winners names and schools will be posted on our website the month before the show. So, what are you waiting for? Get moving and send us those entries. We will pick up your entries from your school, or you can send your entries to Fantasiacomicconcontest@gmail.com by midnight on March 30, 2018. We will choose one winner per category, per school. You must tell us the name of your school and provide us with your name, grade, age and which contest you are submitting for.