Friday: Noon to 6pm
Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sunday: 10am to 5pm


All panels will be conducted in the Taj Mahal Building

FRIDAY - May 19

1:00 pm - The Road to Hollywood

Taj Mahal Building

Hollywood has been termed as a place that many try to get into, but where few find success. Do you have a dream of making it in Hollywood and seeing your self on the big screen or getting your story optioned? What does it really take and do you possess what they are looking for? This will be a star studded and very frank discussion with those that have made it to the coveted big screen. However, making it to the big screen and staying there are two, totally different things. Join actors, Lincoln Castellanos (Fear the Walking Dead), Danny De LA Paz (American Me) Peter Tuiasosopo (Sons of Anarchy, Street Fighter) Bobby Clark (Star Trek original Series) and Ken F. Levin (Executive Producer Preacher) & writer John W. Richardson (Non Stop) as they discuss their personal journey to tinsel town.

2:00 pm - Story Writing 101

Taj Mahal Building

This will be an in depth discovery of the writing process and what techniques and thoughts go into the creative process. We will have seasoned pros speaking about how they create and write with emphasis on what they are trying to accomplish when in the process to amaze fans with unique and compelling stories. We will discuss specifics to how they approach their craft when writing stories for comics and film. Join Scott Lobdell (UNCANNY X MEN, AGE OF APOCALYPSE, Ryan Kinkaid (ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT) Josh Blaylock (Devils Due 1First comics) BrIan Haberlin (Witchblade) and Orlando Harding (Night Stalker, RRH)

3:00 pm - Hip Hop and Comics

Taj Mahal Building

Hip-hop and comics are two American art forms that bring together disparate elements to create vast worlds of creativity. They share much common ground-rappers and graffiti artists utilize super heroic imagery and adopt larger-than-life alter egos; MCs and producers assemble universes with words and sound; comic creators draw on hip-hop's rich visual vocabulary and incorporate music, dance, and fashion into the fabric of their stories. Here, Orlando Harding (Night Stalker, RRH) brings together an all-star group of graphic artists and musical innovators to discuss the ties between these two creative cultures. Daryl MCDaniels (Run DMC) Hannibal Tabu (The Buy Pile, Drum Voices) and Michael Davis (MOTU, Static Shock) will thrill you with their current projects, their views on where the industry is now heading and their vision of the new modern age of Hip Hop and Comics.

4:00 Pm - Career Day

Taj Mahal Building

How do you open the door that leads to a professional creative career? What about changing careers when you've already climbed the corporate ladder? And for students, how do you know where to focus your study? From world builder to professional author, gamer to game developer, audiophile to pro composer, and storyteller to screenwriter-all have common threads that weave a career path. John Richardson (Screen writer, Non Stop), Ken F. Levin (Preacher),Peter Tuiossopo (actor Street Fighter and Sons of Anarchy), Stephen Stern (Zen The Intergalactic Ninja), and Eric Fox divulge their secret tips and tricks for creative entrepreneurs and share how they became successful, professional creators!


10:00 am - How to Crush it On Kickstarter

Taj Mahal Building

Most people see Kickstarter as an easy way to make a dollar. Then, they hit that launch button and realize it's some of the hardest money they've ever tried to make. but it doesn't have to be that way. With the right preparation, everybody can crush it on Kickstarter. In this workshop, learn the best tricks, tips, and hacks for making sure your Kickstarter is a massive success from creator and consultant Russell Nohelty, whose projects have raised over $40,000 combined on the platform.

11:00 am - Ken F. Levine's origin story Spotlight Panel

Taj Mahal Building

Before Ken Levin was an executive producer of Preacher, he was the owner of First Comics/Devil's Due Publishing. Before that, he was a creator. Before that, he was just a guy trying to catch a break. Learn how Ken Levin built his writing career, his business, and how he's sustained them all throughout the years in this special spotlight panel. Find out what he has planned and stays relevant in this ever increasingly competitive market.

12:00 pm - Writers Block

Taj Mahal Building

Movie writer John Richardson (Non Stop) Ken F. Levin (Executive Producer Preacher) & Orlando Harding (Night Stalker RRH) heads a writing panel to City of Indio’s Fantasia Comic Con. We’ll discusses creating characters, plots, themes, and much, much more. This is an invaluable seminar for those who want to become writers or who simply want a reminder on what to think about before you do. Come early to guarantee getting a seat.

1:00 pm - The Black Panel (TBP)

Taj Mahal Building

The Black Panel (TBP) is the creation of Michael Davis former President-CEO Motown Animation & Filmworks and Milestone Media co-founder. Davis, an artist, and writer wanted a way to expand the reach of his acclaimed Bad Boy Studio Mentor Program.

Providing an awareness of 'what is' possible to combat the unruly voices constantly screaming about 'what isn't' possible was just as important.

His answer was The Black Panel.

The panel's purpose, reach diverse audiences seeking a voice within the African-American media space. The Panel's alumni is an impressive list of world-renowned leaders in the arts and beyond.

Among the chosen Axel Alonso Editor and Chief Marvel Comics; Mike Richardson, founder CEO Dark Horse Entertainment; actors Wayne Brady, Erika Alexander, and Jamie Kennedy; rappers Ludacris, the RZA, and Wu-Tang Clan; singers, Ne-Yo Tony Rich and NBA star, Shaquille O’Neal to name a very few.

After a brief introduction, the audience has complete access to some of the biggest movers and shakers in entertainment. Those on the panel are not there to market their next project. They are there to provide insight and light a path for the next superstar

2:00 pm - Cos Play 101

Taj Mahal Building

Whether you're new to Doctor Who or new to cosplay entirely, this is a great place to start! Nerd Mafia will share tips for beginners and budget-conscious costumers on how to dress like your favorite comic book or video game characters. Panelists: Nerd Mafia, Bat Cave Productions and Justin Eaton will explain the does and don’ts of cosplay and what they do to try to stand out from the rest.

3:00 pm - Spot light on Devils Due 1First Comics

Taj Mahal Building

Discover your new favorite comic book series in a panel designed for everyone, from new fans to long-time readers to anyone who loves comics. Devils Due 1First Comic’s

Publishers, editors and creators explore the diverse imprints of Devils Due 1First Comic’s, with exclusive previews, news, and the information you need to discover your next obsession.

4:00 pm - All the Single Ladies!

Taj Mahal Building

Strong female protagonists provide inspiration in resilience and persistence to readers of all genders. Authors Orlando Harding (RRH, Night Stalker), Klynn Smith (Plume), Wonder Woman is Real, Josh Blaylock (Mercy Sparks), discuss the ordinary and extraordinary accomplishments of fictional women within the modern day and where they’ll be going next. Moderator Alfred Velasquez (Wonderland Comics) will explore this genre with a comparison of yesterday’s heroine’s compared to todays. We will also try to answer that ever-evolving question as to why our comic and action heroines are rarely, if ever, married. Is the fight for truth, justice and feminine equality only for the single ladies?

5:00 pm - Creators Connection

Taj Mahal Building

Are you a writer with who can't wait to get started on a new comic series, but you can't draw? Are you an artist who loves to draw but lacks an idea? At the City of Indio’s Fantasia Con , you just might find each other! At the Comic Creator Connection, from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM in the Taj Mahal, writers and artists can sit down and meet each other in a neutral environment, in 5-minute sessions!


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